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1. The discussion refers to #179, a review by George Ellis and George Canning of Trotter, Memoir of the latter years of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox. The "friend" is John William Ward, Lord Dudley (1781-1833), English Tory politician, friend of Edward Copleston. John Murray sent the Trotter volume to George Ellis at Sunning Hill on November 8 (Murray MS., Book Loans Register). Gifford had indeed alerted Copleston and Dudley about Canning's taking Trotter for the purpose of tempting Ellis (WG to Copleston, 28 October 1811, Devon MS. 1149M, f.101). John Bernard Trotter (1775-1818), Irish barrister, secretary to Charles James Fox. George Ellis (1753-1815), English diplomat, M.P. for Seaford, co-founder of the Quarterly Review, close friend of George Canning.

2. #161, a review by John William Ward, Lord Dudley, of Hardy's Memoirs of the Political and Private Life of James Caufield, Earl of Charlemont.

3. Henry Phillpotts reviewed 'Daubeny's Letter to Sir John Nicholl on Lay Baptism' in article #190. See Gifford to Copleston, 7 December 1811.

4. #195 (Vol VII, No. 14, June 1812, published after August) probably by John Ferriar. Galt, Voyages and Travels. Possibly William Vaux (d.1844) prebendary of Winchester, 1831-1844.

5. #237 (Vol. IX, No. 17, March 1813, published 18 June), by John Barrow.

6. #267 (Vol. X, No. 19, Oct. 1813, published after 17 Dec.), probably by John Barrow.

7. See Gifford to Copleston, 12 February 1812. William Drummond, Sir, (1770?-1828), diplomat, M.P., contributed articles to the Edinburgh Review. In February of this year Drummond, having heard that Gifford intended to review his Oedipus Judaicus, warned Gifford against publishing and called Southey a "masked assassin" for having criticized, in #169, his (Drummond's) private religious opinions. See also Murray MS, W. Drummond to the Editor of the Quarterly Review, 28 February 1812. William Drummond, The Oedipus Judaicus (London: A. J. Valpy, 1811), not reviewed in the QR, but compare George D'Oyly, Letters to Sir William Drummond, relating to his observations on parts of the Old Testament in his recent work, entitled Oedipus Judaicus (London: Rivingtons, 1812).

8. Hugh Broughton (1549-1612), though he had pressed the King for a more accurate translation and though he was the leading Hebrew scholar of the day, because of his eccentricity was kept off the committee that produced the King James version of the Bible.

9. Ben Jonson, The Alchemist, Act 4, scene 3.

Dol Common:
And so we may arrive by Talmud skill,
And profane Greek, to raise the building up
Of Helen's house against the Ismaelite . . .

10. #173, by Copleston.

11. The estate sale for Matthew Raine (1760-1811), headmaster of Charterhouse School. A Catalogue of the Library of the late Rev. Matthew Raine. (London: 1812). See William Gifford to Edward Copleston, 19 September 1811.








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