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1. #148, by Robert Southey.

2. John William Ward, Lord Dudley (1781-1833).

3. #146, by John Wilson Croker (1780-1857), First Secretary to the Admiralty, M.P. Barnastre Tarleton (1754-1833), M.P. for Liverpool.

4 .#137, by Robert Grant (1780-1838), later governor of Bombay.

5. #194. Shine: ?D'Oyly, Geo. Murray Reg. Addit. note ?Dr Ireland, see WG 4 July 1812. Murray MS WG to JM [4 July 1812]: "Whatever be the case, Eveleigh cannot be left out this time without displeasing Dr Ireland, who fully expects it." Murray MS, WG to JM postmarked 10 July [1812]: "Eveleigh I have cut down into a very unexceptionable article..." See also Smiles I, 203. John Ireland (1761-1842), Church of England Clergyman, William Gifford's closest friend.

6. John Eveleigh (1748-1814), provost of Oriel College, Oxford. Cf. Gifford's letter to Copleston dated 12 February 1812.

7. #136, primarily by George Ellis and George Canning. Charles Rose Ellis (1771-1845), like his cousin George, a friend of George Canning and an advocate for the West India interest. John Hookham Frere (1769-1846), diplomat, close friend of George Ellis and George Canning.

8. Gifford recalls Horace's jibe in his Satires (1, 2 and 10) that the poet Lucilius could dictate 200 lines "while he stands on one foot", that is to say, at speed. (Dr. Christopher Stray)

9. A common place, the phrase translates roughly as 'farewell, keep me in mind'. (Dr. Christopher Stray)








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