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1. This transcript appears with the permission of the Trustees of the British Library, who retain all rights of reproduction and copyright.

2.Walter Scott, Waverley, or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since. Edinburgh: Constable, 1814, reviewed by John Wilson Croker in #304.

3. Charles Badham, Satires of Juvenal, London: Valpy, 1814, reviewed in #305. Charles Badham (1780-1845), medical practitioner and writer.

4.Henry Kett, Flowers of Wit, or a Choice Collection of Bon Mots, Both Antient and Modern, with Biographical and Critical Remarks. Two Volumes. London: Lackington, Allen, 1814, reviewed in #307 by John Herman Merivale and William Gifford. Henry Kett (1761-1825), Church of England clergyman, suicide. His Emily: a moral tale (1811) was reviewed in #54.

5. Probably a reference to J.-C.-L. Simonde de Sismondi, Considérations sur Genève, dans ses rapports avec l'Angleterre et les états protestants : suivies d'un discours prononcé à Genève sur la philosophie de l'histoire. London: John Murray, 1814. Jean Charles Léonard Sismonde de Sismondi (1773-1842), Italian-Swiss historian and economist. He was earlier the subject of a review by John Herman Merivale, at #200.

6. Possibly a reference to #317, an article on the Condition of the Poor, identified as Canning's in Victorian Periodicals Review 28, although the context suggests diplomatic matters, in which case no article appeared.








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