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*The two contemporary accounts of the remarkable fact are inserted is the third edition of Southey's Letters from Spain and Portugal.



*The passage in Tellez implies rather more ignorance than either Ludolf or Mr. Salt has noticed, for he says not only that the inscription is written in Greek and Latin letters, but also that they 'make no sense:'—aqui se ve tambem huma pedra levantada, com hum grande letreyro com letras Gregas e Latinos; porem nenhum sentido fazem. Francisco Alvarez says that many of the obelisks at Axum had great inscriptions which neither he and his companions, nor the people of the country could read, and which he supposed to be in Hebrew. These have disappeared, but it would be worth while to lift the fallen obelisks in hopes of discovering them.



*Ludolf, p. 125.



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September 2006