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*It is just to observe, that many instances of this, approaching even to tenderness, may be selected from these letters. See particularly letter 107,231,240,257. But the best proof was long ago before the public, in the second and third of his letters to Lowth.



*Tracts by a Warburtonian, p. l56.



Leland Diss. p. 41.



*See Lett. 92. [402]



*Mr. Zachary Brooke, of St. John's College, Cambridge H.



*Apology for two first letters to Bolingbroke.



*In the first edition of his essays, under the title of 'A Treatise on Human Nature.' This censure was subsequently confined to modern Judaism. In that publication Hume provoked a treatment, which his caution afterwards would not have demanded.



*See the anonymous letter contained in the apology.



*Smith's History of Moral Sentiments.



*Hist. ch. 25.



*Warburtonian Tracts, p. 183.




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September 2006