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*We readily adopt Mr. J.'s new and more correct orthography. Correctness is always desirable; and though, where a name has been fixed by long custom in history, it is unwise to change it, this is seldom the case with barbarous countries. We may safely adopt Marocco and Faz, though we might hesitate to call Darjus, 'Dara.'



*Southey's Thalaba.



*By Hornemann's account, Burnu is southwest of Fitteè; and the Wed el Gazel, far from being in its neighbourhood, is inhabited by wandering Tibbo. This cannot be reconciled with Mr. Browne's information; but, as the Furians were ignorant both of Wangara and its golden produce (Jackson, 245), this circumstance may throw discredit on the extent of their knowledge. R.



                                                                        STRAB. l.xvii p. 786. Paris ed. 1620


*From their whiteness—Aoud Kumr is a white horse.


*Accolas Nili a Syene, non Ethiopum populos sed Arabum esse dicit usque ad Meroen. Plin. lib.6. 34.—This may give probability to the Arabic derivation of Oasis; and the Carthaginians, another race from the same stock, may have given the name of Attils to the snowy mountains of the west. R.


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September 2006