About Romantic Circles Reviews

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Romantic Circles Reviews(RCR) offers thoughtful, thorough reviews of key works of scholarship in the field that also take advantage of the particular strengths of the Internet. Our goal is delivering the timeliest responses to new directions in Romanticism, publishing reviews without the long lag-time that print generates. Rather than being collated into volumes, each review will be published "just-in-time": our hope is to cover the publications of today, instead of those of several years ago. While we focus chiefly on reviews of books—including essay collections, textual editions, anthologies, biographies as well as monographs—RCR also engages other relevant projects in Romantic Studies, especially all forms of digital media.

Editors' Statement: If you have any suggestions regarding this site or any of the reviews, please contact the editor.

Jasper Cragwall, Reviews Editor
Assistant Professor of English
Loyola University Chicago
Department of English
1032 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660

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