Saturday, February 14, 2009 - 09:12

Upon slating a reviewer, RCR will request that contributors send an electronic copy of the review (as a Word document); however, submissions are not required to be in HTML. Although there is no specific length limit, reviews normally run 1,200–1,500 words. Please note that for matters of style, endnotes, and citation, RCR follows MLA guidelines. We also welcome the use of hypertext links in the review where relevant, but RCR will oversee the final HTML product.

New reviews will also be announced on the NASSR-L e-mail discussion group, and we encourage subscription via RSS feed.

Reviewers and readers should note that contributions—in accordance with Romantic Circles's Condition of Use Statement—"are copyrighted by the author/editor and may be shared only in accordance with the Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law. Except as expressly permitted by this statement, redistribution or republication in any medium requires express prior written consent from the author/editors and advance notification of Romantic Circles."

Jasper Cragwall, Editor

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