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Commenting on Email Postings

You will receive a return email from me that contains a copy of your original message. Every line (or every other line) of your original message will be preceded by ">" whereas any comments I make will not be preceded by the angle bracket. After a line of yours that needs work, I will make several spaces and then insert my comments:

>Wordsworth says that death is nothing but being like a rock.

Actually, does Wordsworth say that? Which line are you thinking of and might there be another way to read that line?

At the end of your email message, there will be a final comment plus a grade. You can raise your grade by responding to my comments: hit the reply button, scroll down to the sentence or paragraph I wrote to which you would like to respond, hit return several times, and then write your response. Then send the email.

You can also raise your grade (1/2 a grade point) by commenting on your peers' messages, but you will post those comments to the whole list. Hit "reply" and then make certain that the class list address appears after "To." Delete all of the previous message that you are not going to talk about, leaving a few lines, preceded by angle brackets, of your peer's text to which you want to respond directly. Then write your comments, and hit send. Remember to treat all ideas with respect.

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