The Romantic Circles Bibliography (RCB) is intended to serve as a kind of "browser's bibliography." While it does offer a limited search capability, it is not intended to duplicate or replace the more robust search engines accessible through most research libraries. Instead, the RCB offers the Tables of Contents to recent editions of selected romantics journals, and, perhaps more important, it offers an annual listing of books that are likely to be of interest to students of romanticism. Wherever possible, these book listings have been linked both to the websites of the relevant publishers and (when available) to online reviews and other resources here on Romantic Circles or elsewhere on the web.

Readers will note that the annotations supplied in the journal pages are rather inconsistent, with some journals (the Keats-Shelley Journal, for example) offering detailed annotations for each article and other journals (e.g. The Wordsworth Circle) offering only the basic article citations. The reason for the inconsistency is historical: the RCB developed from (and now will supercede) the online edition of the Keats-Shelley Bibliography. That earlier resource had different principles of selection and different possibilities for annotation; bringing the KSB material forward into the RCB format has resulted in the inconsistency noted above. As the RCB continues to develop (we anticipate quarterly updates), the citation formats will become more uniform and useful.

And finally, a note about the principles of selection: It is, as romanticists well know, impossible to define with any precision exactly what books might be relevant to the study of romanticism. The book lists provided in this first edition of the RCB are the result of various library, publisher, and database searches on the key persons and historical topics that are most central to the study of British romantic-period writing. Inevitably, important books will be omitted from such a list. If readers are aware of books (or journal titles) that should be included here, please inform the editor at the address provided below so that the volumes can be included at the next RCB update.

Kyle Grimes
HB 207, Department of English
1530 3rd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1260

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