2056. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, 9 March 1812

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The Collected Letters of Robert Southey Part 4: 1810-1815

2056. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, 9 March 1812 ⁠* 

March 9. 1812

My dear Harry

I am too busy to do more than enclose the remaining half notes.

Tom will receive a parcel some ten days or fortnight hence directed to Mr Castles. [1]  There will be xx therein a copy of my book of Bell & the Dragon  [2]  for you, & another which I shall be obliged to you to give with my compliments to Mr Bowyer. [3] 



* Address: To/ Dr Southey/ Durham
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
MS: Keswick Museum and Art Gallery, KESMG 1996.5.83. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Samuel Castle (d. 1815), Durham solicitor and father-in-law of Tom Southey. BACK

[2] Southey’s The Origin, Nature and Object, of the New System of Education (1812), an expansion of his advocacy of Bell in Quarterly Review, 6 (August 1811), 264–304. BACK

[3] The Anglican clergyman Reynold Gideon Bouyer (1741–1826; DNB), a Prebendary of Durham Cathedral 1791–1826. His A Comparative View of the two New Systems of Education of the Infant Poor, in a Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Officialty of the Dean and Chapter of Durham, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, on Tuesday, May 12, 1811 (1811) had been one of a series of writings on the Bell-Lancaster controversy noticed by Southey in Quarterly Review, 6 (August 1811), 264–304. Bouyer shared Southey’s enthusiasm for Bell and distrust of Lancaster. BACK

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