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Shelley Sites/Sights


The Shelleys spent the winter of 1818-19 in Naples, and it was a wretched three months for everyone. Mary was gloomy and tired, Claire was ill, and Shelley was depressed and in poor health. Part of the problem may have been complications surrounding Shelley's mysterious "Neapolitan charge," Elena Adelaide Shelley. The truth of her parentage remains unknown, despite much rumor and speculation. She was eventually placed in the care of a foster family and died a year later.
The 250 apartments no longer stand—they have been replaced by (alas) one of the very few modern buildings in the area. One can guess at what they might have looked like, however, by examining the building next door—typical of the architecture of the area. The rooms faced the lovely Royal Gardens, and afforded magnificent views of the Bay of Naples and Capri.

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January 2006